Monday, June 21, 2010

Black Forest Cake

My very first Black Forest Cake made for a friend who's been very helpful all these while. :)
If anyone remember the previous cake (Edible flora cream cake) I made from this very same book. All the cakes in the book are so simple yet have that 'back to nature ' look. Plainly beautiful and never too tacky. And it's rather easy for me or anyone to follow. The chocolate sponge is one of the softest and lightest I have ever made. Or I'd say, all the Japanese recipe books are very reliable. As long as we follow the steps...
It's so amazing, with the simplest ingredients could produce such great cake texture. I was trying to see if I could get couples of Cherry leaves from the box, to decorate the cake, while I was buying the cherries at the fruit stall. Well, it's obvious I didn't manage to get any. So I used mint leaves instead. Hope my friend and her family will enjoy the cake.


Kitchen Corner said...

Your black forest cake looks better than the book one! Very nice presented, beautiful!

Honey boy said...

Thanks Kitchen Corner.

I wasn't creative enough to decorate my own cake. So can only copy the book's! :)

Anonymous said...

Is this recipe from the same book as the Coffee Layered Cream Cake? If not, could you also share the ISBN please. Thank you so much 8)


Honey boy said...

IT's a different book ISBN:9784062784375

Hotels In Bali said...

Oww.. Black Forest? I'm gonna miss u. I can't eat Black Forest as much as before, coz I'm on diet, now :(


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