Apple, pear and Yuzu Cheese Pie

Making some pies and rolls for a BBQ this afternoon. Thought something tangy would be suitable for our hot and humid weather.

The colour and the cut out design look much like an Autumn season pie.... I love the combination of apple,pear and yuzu with cream cheese for the pie filling. Eat it chilled and feeling fresh would be it!!


hanushi said…
Honeyboy, this is realllyyyy lovely... Saw that you have imprinted some leaf shaped on the top. Really v special. How I wish I can reach out and taste one piece now... :)
Honey boy said…
Thanks Hanushi,

Yes, I cut out both butterfly and Xmas leaves to cover as Well as decoration. I like the soft cosy look too! :)

I do wish can share with you though.
Allie said…
Beautiful! I love the butterfly and leaf decorations! So yummy :)
Happy Flour said…
A very lovely pie. :)
this is a lovely pie, love the leaves and butterflies.
Anonymous said…

Care to share this recipe pls. Thx.

hanushi said…
I see I see... It is really very pretty :) hehehe...

I saw this and was drooling for it ever since. Is there any way that I can get the recipe?
Thank you lots..


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