The 3rd Birthday Cake for my Lil' One

The better pictures taken by a friend's DSLR camera.

Phew! I have made the cake FINALLY. Using 3 different cake recipes to pick one that has the most refined result in order to see the trains in details yet the taste is good. But, I can't have the best of both world. The recipe came with the mould was way too sweet for anyone who doesn't like sweet cakes. Tried the soft and light sponge, the details of the trains didn't came out quite well. So I ended up with something in between.- Chocolate Victorian Sponge.

After that Lancome cake made with my friend using fondant deco. I thought I should make the centre piece using fondant that gives neater look. I don't have much experience of decorating with fondant, but thought just a simple one should do. My head running the whole day, as to what to do with the cake.... So This is the final result!

The kids had so much fun eating the 'Trains'. Each of the kid got to bring back one 'Train' as the party gift. Though the party was s very small one. But it was a memorable one. :)


Happy Flour said…
Oh! This is a beautiful cake. My boy saw it and he loved it very much. :)
Cosy Bake said…
Happy Flour,

Thanks! It took me almost one whole day to get it done. Think any kid sees it will like it, as long as he or she is a Thomas's fan!
Kitchen Corner said…
Hi! You made a wonderful cake! You are such a passion and patient mummy!
Cosy Bake said…
Kitchen Corner,

Thanks! I seldom make 'Big Cakes' like this. So I tried my best and do the best I could. Could be better though I think.
I'll never attempt anything like this, at least not for now. It's too time-consuming. You did a wonderful job!
Cosy Bake said…
Thanks BH! I will only do such cake for my son! Others may be just a small n simple one.
Pei-Lin said…
First of all, sorry about not replying to your question! I looked through, then left it in my mailbox ... and then totally forgot about it till just a few secs ago! Sorry! Well, seems like you've gotten the technical part figured out. It's all good to go then I guess!

This is VERY impressive of you. That cake blew me away at the first sight! How I wish I can achieve that too ... Just that working for a full-time job and staying with my own parents don't allow me to fulfill I want to. My family is typical Chinese and very conservative. They like pushing the youngsters around, instructing us what to and what not to do. Just hope I can finally buy a little cozy place of my own, that comes with a fully equipped kitchen. *Sigh* Hopefully, that won't take too long.
Cosy Bake said…
HI Pei Lin,

Don't worry about ti. Looks like now I get to have your latest up dated...

Well, I was also waited for quite a few years before I got to have the dream kitchen I had always wanted! I'm sure you will too. :)

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