Floral Cream Cake

While I was clearing my fridge, I found this precious flowers still sitting in the fridge,that I bought from Tsukiji market more than one week ago. My heart sank when I saw only a few of them are still fresh and bright. So I know it's time to do something. So happen that, one of my latest additions (recipe books) has this cake deco with the same edible flowers. I whipped up the sponge and......
I'm pretty pleased with the result though my skill of icing and deco the cake still far from what the book is shown. Well, at least I did not let the pretty flowers go to waste.


WendyinKK said…
Very pretty indeed. Looks like what is in the book :)

There are no unsprayed flowers here, so it's almost impossible to make anything with fresh flowers.
Unless I plant my own, and that's even harder to imagine with this hot weather.
Cosy Bake said…
Thanks Wendy,
Ya, how I wish i could plant my own flowers... You must be someone with green fingers! Our weather is too harsh to grow any nice eadible flower I guess.

I wonder when will i get to buy this flowers again.

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