Pan Cake II ( Yeast Batter)

I am one person who will try to avoid recipes that using baking powder for the leavening effect. And I was so glad that I came across this breakfast pan cake recipe which uses yeast instead of baking powder and soda powder. How I can I not give it a try??!
The only thing about preparing this pan cake batter is - time. As we all know, anything that uses yeast, we need to give it some times to take effect. However, this is not like making a loaf of bread that will take hours. The proving time is just 30 minutes. And after which, can start to cook the batter to yummy pan cake for the family.
Plain Flour 100g
Yeast 2g
Honey 25g
Milk 110g
Egg 1
Melted Butter 10g
1. Mix flour and yeast in a mixing bowl.
2. Milk and honey mixed in a cup and pour into the flour and yeast. Use a hand whisk, mix the ingredients to a semi dry batter, and add in the beaten egg.
3. Mix the batter to smooth, and pour in the melted butter.
4. Let the pan cake batter prove for 30 minutes in a warm place. Cover the batter with cling film.
5. Heat up none stick pan, and oil the pan before cooking the batter to make pan cakes.
6. Pour some batter to hot pan and cook for one minute or till the surface form bubbles, then flip the pan cake and cook the other side for another minutes. Continue this till all batter finish.
7. Serve the pan cakes with maple syrup and butter.


I prefer pancakes using yeast, I find it very light and fluffy.

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