Raisin Brioche

Yes, I managed to join this moth's Aspiring Bakers #8 Bread Seduction! My first Brioche making using my Brioche mold I got from William Sonomas. Another reason making these cute little Brioche is because hubby started to like Brioche since he tasted Laduree's raisin brioche in Paris. He liked it when it's toasted with that crisp bite. It would be more ideal if I make a brioche loaf I'm supposed? It has very soft texture, yet very rich crumb. The yolks in the recipe has given the crumb the colour and richness. No wonder my friends used to tell me if you are going on diet, better not touch brioche!


Make six regular size brioche.

Bread Flour  150g
Yeast   2g
Sugar   23g
Salt  2g
Unsalted Butter   30g
Egg Yolk   2
Warm Water  60g

1. Mix all ingredients in a mixing bowl till you get a sticky dough. Bring it out on work top and knead till the dough become smooth and springy.

2.Cover the dough in a bowl with a damp cloth let it rise till double the volume.

3. Divide the dough into 6 equal portions and let it rest for 6 minutes.

4. Cut a small knot of dough from each portion and roll it to a cone shape. Shape the big portion into a doughnut ring and tuck the cone shaped dough into the center of the doughnut whole. Put each shape dough into brioche mold and let it rise for about 45 minutes. Brush the dough with egg wash and bake them in 180'c pre heated oven for 13-15 minutes


J.O said…
Honey boy said…
这模型我也买了好一阵子。今天是第一次那来用!ha ha...
Anncoo said…
Mmm...looks so good to eat especially straight from oven :)
Anonymous said…
Look yummy and delicious. Will bake it for my daughter tomorrow. Thanks. Theresa
Honey boy said…

Let me know how do you like it ya?
sean said…

你的Mango Coconut Chiffon Cake

里的Desiccated Coconut
Honey boy said…

yes, desiccated coconut 就是干椰丝。 也许你得买钢做的摸会比较好。 那就不怕它生锈。
I have not baked this before, sound so fresh and good.
hanushi said…
So cute, these little bread!! I have yet to see or taste brioche before... :)
Honey boy said…
Sonia, hanushi,

Do give this a try. It taste best when it's toasted!
Quay Po Cooks said…
I was thinking of making brioche. This recipe comes timely. Thanks. Looks good!
Honey boy said…
Quay Po Cooks.

Hey, you are most welcome! Hope you will like this recipe.
this is so PRETTY! (: (:
Happy Flour said…
Love your brioche, sound very rich delicious.
Anonymous said…
Have to postpone baking after coming back from our 4th of July holiday weekends in San Diego visiting the SeaWorld. Theresa
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