Pocket Apple Pie

The first time 'Playing' with my new toy got from Williams Sonoma - Pocket Pie Mold.

It is indeed a very friendly 'Toy' to 'Play' with. Just cut, fill and seal! I am joining the Aspiring Baker #4: Love In The Air (Feb 2011) hosted by Cuisine Paradise since this useful tool is in hands!

My very first time making all butter puff pastry from scratch. And what an unexpected result I got! It's flaky, buttery and the sweet cinnamony apple filling simply perfect for this humble pie.

It was best to eat it while it''s still hot! I could hear that light and crispy sound when I had the bite... I think it'd be gorgeous if it's couple with a scoop of Vanilla ice cream. Mmmmm..... Hubby loved it so well, he took one right after our dinner. I am truly happy with this beautiful recipe. Hope you will like it too!

Ingredients for puff pastry:

Bread Flour    100g
Cake Flour   150g
Cold Unsalted Butter    225g
Salt    2g
Cold Water   150ml-170ml

Apple filling:

Red Apple    2, about 300g  ( I use green)
Unsalted butter    15g
Sugar    30g
Pinch of Cinnamon powder

1. In a sauce pan, melt butter and sugar till it started to get brown. Add in sliced/ diced apple and cook for good 10 minutes or till the apple liquid are slightly dried up/ or you may add in some corn starch to thicken the sauce if you are making a pocket pie. Add in cinnamon powder and stir well. Set aside and let cool.


1. Mix both flours, and salt in a mixing bowl.

2.Cube cold butter, and add into the flour mixture. With a pastry cutter, give a rough cutting to bring flour and butter together to form a loose and chunky texture. Add in cold water bit by bit to bring the mixture together. Do not over mix. It needs to have the butter chunks around in the rough dough.

3. Bring the rough dough onto a working top, and with a rolling pin, press the dough to form a rectangular shape. Fold the dough with 1/3 folding method like making croissant ; fold the top end to the middle of the rectangular then do the same for the lower end. It's like an over lapping layers. Give a 90 degree turn and roll out the dough again. Repeat the 1/3 folding for another 3 more times. This is to create the multi layers of the puff pastry effect. Keep the dough in a plastic bag and leave in the fridge for 30 minutes.

4. Bring well chilled dough out form the fridge and roll it our to rectangular shape about the thickness of 3mm. Put on a tray, and keep the dough in freezer till the dough is firm.

5. When dough is firm, you may use a pocket pie mold to make the pie or make an open pie by simply brush the pie dough with egg yolk and place the apple filling on top and bake the pie at 190-200'c for 30 minutes . Brush pocket pie with egg wash before baking.


Wen said…
Lovey pastry! I like your new toy too!
OMG! the toy is so cool and lovely!! it look very nicely baked and delicious! i can smell the fragrance of apples (: (:
Your heart shaped pie look sooo tempting and you are really a hard working mum to make everything from start :)
CaThY said…
Wow, I love the cute little hearty pies! very pretty! ;)
Cosy Bake said…
Thanks gals!! I am still very much overwhelm by the result consider it is my first attempt making puff pastry! Though it's not as perfect as those ready made. I still give myself 70-75% mark for it. He he.... Am I too thick skin huh? ;)
Bakericious said…
cool toy! the apple pie looks lovely too.
DG said…
This is cute! Love the shape & they looks fluffy & delicious.
hanushi said…
This is really lovely!!! Pretty beyond words!!!
Cosy Bake said…
Jess, DG, hanushi,

Thanks!! Shall make the open pie for my next....
Lisa said…
What an adorable shape for a little pie.
BumbleVee said…
what fun this cute little pie maker is... I've seen them around here and there on blogs...but, must go to Williams Sonoma to get my own.... happy to hear that it actually works as they say it does.

Thanks for this recipe too....
Cosy Bake said…
B.Vee, hopw you like the pie (recipe). :)
This is so beautiful.
Bookmarked ;-)
Aimei said…
What a sweet apple pie!I'm sure anybody would love it just by the look of it :)

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