Steamed Bacon with Egg

This is the first meal I cooked after we came back from our Tokyo trip. Bought 2 packs of Japanese bacon from a convenient store while waiting for our train at Narita city. The bacon is pretty mild compared to our local ones. Made these steamed egg for breakfast this morning, after merely 4 hours of sleep. Nothing much left in the fridge, except some mushrooms and few strips of spring onion. I also bought a small box of cherry tomatoes from a mini mart at Narita city. So I added some to the eggs. Something very simple and comforting for a quick breakfast.
I used a flat frying pan to steam the eggs. With a glass lid I could monitor the cooking progress. My family like the egg a little soft and runny, so I cook it under very low flame.
Ingredients: (makes 4 )
Large eggs 4
Fresh Button mushroom 8 (sliced)
Cherry Tomatoes 4 (halved)
Bacon 2-3 strips (cut into half)
Chopped Spring Onion
Salt and pepper
Olive oil (few drops for each ramekins)
1. Oil ramekins with olive oil, line bacon at the base ,and crack eggs into ramekins.
2. Add sliced mushroom , spring onion and tomatoes, followed by salt and pepper.
3. Steam the eggs for about 8 minutes, using low flame. To check whether the egg is cooked, just shake the ramekin and see if the egg is still wobbly. Once the egg is firm, means it's cooked. Bring the eggs out and serve.


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