Cheese Wallet

Can you see the cheese in the wallet?

Can see the brown edges after 7 minute cooking.

Batter looks like a pillow in the pan.

I didn't manage to make any bread for today's breakfast. So this Cheese Wallet came to my mind. Something I know my son will definitely enjoy. Because it has CHEESE! I am please to know it's got no baking powder needed to make this yummy breakfast dish. It's fluffy inside and the brown skin that's so full of lightly burnt flavor. I wouldn't say it's very simple dish to prepare, but neither it's too much work to do. Many people would feel it's a heavy thing to do once they heard hand mixer is the main tool to make this dish.
I top some raspberries and cream to go with the Cheese Wallet. It's all up to us how we want it. Strawberry jam, maple syrup...
Egg 1 Large
Sugar 30g
Plain Flour 10g
Cream Cheese wedges 2
1. Beat egg and sugar to reach Ribbon Stage. Sieve in plain flour and use a rubber spatula to fold in nicely.
2. Heat up a none stick pan and brush with butter. Pour the batter in from the centre and let the batter spread to a circle by itself. The batter suppose to stay thick and looks like a pillow.
3. Cover the pan and let the batter cook in low flame for 7 minutes. After the 7 minutes, add in cheese wedges and cover the lid again for 1 minutes.
4. Flip half of the cake to make a semi circle. And let it cook for 3 minutes. (without lid)
5. Bring the cake up, and serve it with jam and fruits.


Edith said…
Hi, I stumble onto your blog while surfing and tried this and it is delicious. Thanks for sharing.
WendyinKK said…
I saw this recipe at Precious Moments (she linked to you), and I did this for brunch just now.
It was almost the same, except that I used cheddar slices, reduced the sugar, added in green onions.
It was lovely.

thanks alot!!!

This will be posted in my blog somwhere in September.
Cosy Bake said…

YOu are most welcome! hoep you found more good recipes you like from my blog.
Cosy Bake said…

Nice to know you liked this recipe and have a variation. May be I should try to make it into savoury wallet too.

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