Mix Fruits Pound Cake

I always find Mix Fruits Pound Cake has got a very Christmas feel. May be is the colour of the mix fruits?
Baked this fruit cake last night, nothing so special about it. It's just another pound cake with some mix dried fruits, that gives the colourful finishing, as well as the taste of rum make the difference. But I think this is one of the nicer ones I ever tasted. The sponge is light and not greasy. I reduced the dried fruits a little, as my hubby not very keen with dried fruits. I used self raising flour for this cake, cause I have ran out of plain flour. I find this cake very pretty though. :)


Unsalted Butter 150g
Sugar 150g
Eggs 3
Flour 150g
Baking Powder 1tsp
Mix dried fruits (soaked in rum over night) 100g
Rum 1 tsp

1. Cream butter with hand mixer. Add in sugar and continue to beat till it's pale and fluffy. Add in one egg at a time, and make sure everything is well incorporated. To avoid egg and butter to curd, just pour in small bit of egg while mixing.
2. Fold in flour and baking powder. Use cutting method to mix in flour.
3. Coat the fruits with flour before adding in to the batter. Mix in fruits and pour the batter in to a lined 6 inch square tin. Bake the cake for pre heat oven for 45 minutes at 180'c.
4. Cool the cake without tin on wire rack. Brush rum on top of the cake while cooling on the rack.


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