Matcha Azuki Roll Cake

I still need to work on my rolling skill.

I invited some friends over for simple lunch, and a last minutes idea to make a Matcha Azuki Roll. Think I am too proud with new matcha powder I bought and can't wait to share with friends. I simply enjoy the green that it gives to the cake finishing...
This is a new recipe which I find it's the best so far for Matcha Roll Cake. There are plenty of roll cake recipes I am eager to try out. This recipe is simple and fast. Not to mention the result of the cake. Not the type of smooth roll cake it is, but the light texture and green tea taste is great, to go with cream and Azuki. Everyone enjoyed the cake and I am glad to share the recipe.
Eggs 3
Yolk 1
Sugar 80g
Top Flour 75g
Matcha Powder 5g
Unsalted Butter 20g (melted)
Milk 30ml
Whipping cream 150ml
Azuki (Boiled red bean) 30g (May add more if like)
1. Mix melted butter and milk in a bowl and set it aside. In mixing bowl, whisk eggs and yolk with sugar over a bowl of hot water, to dissolve the sugar.
2. Away from hot water, beat egg batter using hand mixer/ stand mixer with balloon whisk till ribbon stage.
3. Sieve in flour and green tea powder, gently fold in flour to the egg and bring out 1/4 portion of cake batter to mix with butter and milk. Pour the mixture back to the cake batter and fold everything well gently, without breaking too many air bubbles.
4. Our the cake batter into a lined Swiss roll tin 29 x 29cm bake in pre heat oven at 200'c for 12 minutes.
5. Bring the cake out from the tin once it's baked, and let it cool on wire rack.
6. Spread whipping cream and Azuki over the cake and roll up to make a roll cake. Keep in the fridge for 20 minutes before slicing and serve.


Olivia said…

Wow great swiss roll...

Cosy Bake said…
Hi Olivia,

Thanks for the compliment! Welcome to my blog. Happy New Year to you!


Honey boy
Anonymous said…
It's looks really good:D

I should try to make it

thanks for sharing
Anonymous said…
Hey Honey Boy,

Both Matcha & Azuki are my favourite. Is whipping cream too oily for this? Do you have something like Matcha Azuki Chiffon? he he :) Chiffon - yummy yummy!!! No need to bite and can eat till 80 :)

Chiffon Queen
Cosy Bake said…
Chiffon queen,

Among all the frosting whipping cream is the lightest I would say. So nothing would be better than that. I do have matcha azuki chiffon. Just check it out from " My Cake Stand" by the right column of my blog.

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