Yeast & Baking Powder

These are the yeast I use in my bread making. They come in good size pack which it won't go to waste like the usual ones I used to buy. They are always way too big / much for me to finish up the whole pack, and it ended up lose it's life. The one in green box was bought from Japan. I like it as it's a natural yeast. It doesn't have that yeasty taste nor strong smell in the bread after baking. But I have yet to see it selling in Singapore. It's a dry yeast, which I need to 'start' it using warm water. Unlike the instant yeast ( on the right, yellow box) we often use for home baking.
Well, this is the baking powder I use for cakes and cookies. I guess there's no difference between this and the normal one we can get at any baking shop and supermarkets.


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