Sweet Bread

Not so promising bread dough before going in the oven.

Think my Pooh bear is over fed.

This is really a cotton touch.

The second rise in the tin with the smooth side down.

I will have to say this is the softest bread I ever made! It even out shine the Hokkaido Milk Loaf that's many home bakers' favourite. Easy to make and fantastic result. It's especially great for mother who wanna have fresh bread in the morning which the dough can be prepared a night before. According to the recipe this is a ' Cold Rising Dough' ,Suppose I can do it the usual way.

I prepared the dough at night, and let the dough rise in the fridge till the next morning. I was very anxious to know how's the dough would turn out to be. The result I would give - FIVE STARTS!



Bread Flour 200g
Cake Flour 50g
Salt 5g
Sugar 30g
Instant yeast 6g
Butter 15g
Fresh Milk 205ml

1. Melt sugar and salt together with egg. Bread flour and yeast in a mixing bowl.
2. Add egg mixture to flour and yeast, and start mixing a little bit, before adding the milk. After the milk is added and knead to get a sticky and rather runny dough.
3. Mix in the cake cake flour and continue to knead to get a firmer dough, then followed by butter. As the usual requirement, knead the dough till it's firm and smooth before the first rise.
4. Cover dough with cling film and put it in the fridge for over night rising. It will takes roughly 8-12 hours for the rise in fridge. (however, I let it rise longer than 12 hours).
5. The next morning, bring the dough out and give a gentle kneading on your work top. Portion the dough into 2 , and form it to 2 round balls for a 15 minutes rest time.
6. Roll the dough flat and use folding inwards methods to form a ball, and put the dough in the tin with the smooth side down. Do line the tin to prevent bread sticking to the tin after baking. The dough may not look good from the top. But it will give a natural finishing effect after it's baked. You may do it the smooth side up too.
7. After the second rise in the tin ( about one hour) ,bake dough in pre heat oven at 180'c for 25 minutes. Cool bread without tin on wire rack after baking.


Allie said…
Hi Honey Boy,

Thanks for dropping by my blog! Your Pooh Bear looks lovely. I've never made breads and I'm quite keen to try after seeing your cute post!

Anyway regarding matcha flavoured desserts, I think it can't really be helped and many matcha lovers are facing the same prob :). I usually will try to get matcha powder with a deeper green, so that the colour will be more intense. Alternatively, you can also cover the cake with some frosting :). Do post up your cakes!
Cosy Bake said…
Hi Allie,

Thanks so much for your advice. I just bought a packet of matcha powder today, and shall hope it'll give a better result of color.

So glad you like the Pooh Bear bread. In fact the pooh bear is not from the recipe book, the idea just popped in my head before I could decide how I suppose to shape the bread, other than just a round shape....

I will try to bake a Matcha chiffon or may be another Matcha Castella, hopefully it'll be a nice green cake. :)

Honey Boy.

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