Christmas Log Cake

I am suppose making a Christmas Log cake is all bakers would do during this holiday season. I have never made a Christmas log cake in my life. This is my first log cake, and would wish to make another one to try out different recipe and think of other way to decorate the cake.
This is not a good looking log cake I must say. The cream wasn't beat to the right consistency , though it gives a better body to ice the cake. I really miss the Japanese fresh dairy whipping cream that Meidi-ya used to sell. So far I have yet to find one that is close to that.


cookiemz said…
your logcake is very lovely!!! a pity i didn't get to see you in action!
Cosy Bake said…
Thanks dear! IT's a different log cake comepared to the normal ones... shall have our baking session soon and show you how it works! :)

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