I love croissants, my family loves croissants.... I am not just love eating it, but, would love to make it well too! I have tried, and tried... Many many different recipes... wasted quite a bit of flour and butter..... Till recently, I managed to do it Almost right! Yet, I still think I could do better than this. Now that the cool weather and temperature is to the advantage of croissants making, I will surely try again. 

The best croissants
 I did in the above picture.

While baked....
The two pictures below are those that were not quite up to the right texture for croissant. Some look alright with layers obviously shown, however, the crumbs were too bready. Or else, the bread didn't taste too good, as it got a little too yeasty. Of course, the first couple time attempts were total disastrous !!

When I got it better, I got most excited, and the moment they went into the oven, I
sat right next to the oven and kept an eye on how the heat made the layers of flour and butter rise and form. The excitement is indescribable!

Making our own tuna sandwich with homemade croissants just so good. 

I thought I have been able to make my own puff pastry right, I could do croissant with no frill. However, they are both pretty far off when comes to making a dough with yeast and higher gluten, which is harder to stretch and roll out evenly. But, what means the most to me is, to know what my family is eating. No shortening in my croissants and puff pastry! Never, ever!! I will not compromise! 
Bon Appetit! 


Elin Chia said…
yummy looking croissant :)

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