Simple White Loaf

It has been quite awhile since I last wrote on my blog. Making a come back, wish to share more of my bakes with whoever happen to see me here again.

Homemade white loaf is always the comfort food for us in the morning, especially the weekends. There are many different types of white loaf recipes out there. As well as, white loaves from different part of he world.

As for my own preference, I would always go for Japanese white loaves. They are one of the easiest to achieve, and most of the time, I get very good results.

There is another type of white bread I really wish to put it on my list of success - French soft white.
The recipe may looks simple. Yet, it is more than complex as you could imagine. So far, only my bread machine could manage a good french soft white using the right french flour, which give the bread that sweet wheaty taste. I can't live without my read machine I must say. I shall share more about my bread machine when I have time to blog again.

Bread Flour 250g
salt   5g
Sugar   10g
 Dry yeast  3g
Fresh Milk   50g
Water   125g
Butter   8g

Have all ingredients place in the bread machine and select bread dough mode. When the cycle is up, bring dough out on working surface, form dough in a ball, and cover with a cloth and let rest for 15 minutes. 

After resting, divide dough into three square weight, and shape the dough then place them in a loaf tin. Have the last raise fro about an hour, till the dough rises up to 80% of the tin. Place loaf in a pre heated oven for 30 minutes at 200'C. 

Cool the bread on wire rack completely before slicing. Happy baking!!


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