Whole Meal Sausage Bun Many Ways.


Playing with the dough to create different look of Sausage buns. My boy called him 'Three Eye monster', 'Big Piggy in the Blanket', 'Stripy Caterpillar'.....

Hubby bought some of these Danish sausages from Copenhagen last week which was requested by my little boy. Wonder why most kids love sausages so much. This is not something often in our diet. But for my boy's sake (once in a while) I made them for breakfast.... With all these multi pattern sausage buns, he had fun while eating them. What a pleasure to me......

                                                          ''Hello, I can see you!!!!''

This is new recipe from my newly bought book. It's really great results for most buns. Still have couple more recipe waiting to try them out. And I can't wait! :)


Bread Flour 220g
Whole Meal Flour 30g
Water  80ml
Milk 80g
instant yeast   3g
Salt  3g
Sugar  25g
Eggs yolk   1
Butter    25g
Sausages 6


1. Except butter, mix all ingredients to a sticky and rough dough. Add in butter and continue kneading till ít's smooth and springy. This will take about 10 minute.

2. Cover the dough ,let the dough rise in a warm place till it's double the size.

3. When it's well risen, bring dough to work top and divide dough into 6 equal portions. Roll up to a ball and cover to let them relax for 15 minutes.

4. Press each dough flat and wrap in sausages. Keep dough in warm place and let it rise for 30-40 minutes.

5. Brush with egg wash, bake in a pre heat oven at 190 for 10-13 minutes.


CaThY said…
Arhh, I love hotdog bread, great for breakfast ;)
Cosy Bake said…

Tell me about it... My son finished 3 at one go! Hubby got to stop him from taking the fourth bun!
i love hotdog buns too! and those variety you baked sure look attractive and tempting! YUMMY!! (:
Homemade buns always the best!
j3ss kitch3n said…
i love hotdog rolls as well! what is the book that you just acquired?
Cosy Bake said…
Thanks ladies! I myself enjoyed making /shaping the buns too.

Jess, the same from my haiji bun by堀江典子。。
hanushi said…
Nice buns... Your boy is the best spokesperson and testimony for your delicious buns. :) He seems taller now, from the previous photos. :)
Cosy Bake said…

Yes he is taller... He is the type that doesn't grow side way but upwards! So far he is the taller one among his peers.
Me too! I also cannot understand the attraction of sausages but my kids simply adore them.

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