Crepes Suzette

Smooth double cream with maple syrup on warm crepes. What a romantic tea time....

Crepes is something that most kids and adults would love be it as a snack in between meals or even have it for breakfast. It can even be savoury crepes if you don't have a sweet tooth. I remember when I was young, my mom would make this for our tea. She also did it in the aromatic Pandan flavour, and used coconut milk to replace the milk. It was a real treat for me and my brother. I love the crispy edge while it is hot from the pan. I have not been making this for years, till my son told me he wanted crepes for breakfast after he watched his all time favourite 'Kipper'. It was a story about 'Picnic' which Kipper and his best friend Tiger were having jam sandwich and crepes! So since he knows his mommy would do 'ANYTHING' to feed him, he made the request.... He really enjoyed the crepes. As most people do, he loves the crispy edges of the crepes. He even gave me that '' Mmmmm...'' sound as he bit onto every bite of it. ha ha....

So here I went to search for a proper crepes recipe. I never had a guided recipe since I know how to make this crepe. It's always base on my FEEL and the end results has been well. But I thought since it's my boy's first time tasting crepes, I wanna make sure I wouldn't disappoint him.

Auntie M. who is a great baker lend me a few really good recipe books where I can find most classic cakes and pastries. They are all the traditional European bakes where I do not see commonly now a days. So I picked the crepes recipe. And it's really a good one. Simple to make yet with yum yum result. Here we go....!!!


All purpose Flour    3/4 Cup
Eggs   3
Milk   3/4 Cup
Oil   2Tbp ( I used melted butter)


1. Sift flour into a bowl, make a well in the centre, add eggs and oil, gradually stir in flour and milk. Whisk till smooth; cover, stand for one hour.

2.Heat up a flat frying pan and oil the pan with little butter. Pour some batter in and turn the pan to make sure the batter coats evenly. Loosening the edge with spatula until crepe is lightly browned underneath. Turn crepe, brown other side.

3 Repeat with the remaining batter. Serve crepes with cream and syrup or other fillings as you like.


CaThY said…
Lovely crepes. Perfect snack for tea ;)
Amelia said…
lovely presentation.
I've got this crepe recipe that is supposingly good but I've yet to try cooking it. Your crepes look so appetising, can't wait to try out your recipe one day.
Cosy Bake said…
Blessed Homemaker,

Do update me after you have tried this out ya?!

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