Cream Cheese Yuzu Chiffon

By looking at the crumbs you probably find it looks more like a bread instead of a chiffon. With all the big holes you wouldn't believe how soft this is.

Yuzu juice from a bottle is not any less than the fresh one from the fresh fruit itself. The only thing I miss would be the zest from the fruit. But I find that without the zest in the cake, the cream cheese in the cake works out to be very well balanced. So I guess the subtle taste of both Yuzu and cream cheese in the cake makes it light and refreshing. I call it the 'Shy taste'.

The cake was too delicate to remove from the mould till I created lots of injuries to it. What a pity cake....

I always wanted to make a cream cheese chiffon but I have yet to come across any that is close to the one selling at Tampopo cakery at Liang Court basement. So I gave up the idea of searching... I went for this in one of my recipe collections. I am sure for those who has the same book would have tried it out. One of the most known Japanese chiffon recipe by 福田涥子.  I twisted the recipe a little by using Yuzu instead of lemon as I didn't have any lemon at home. On top of that I omitted the zest too as I did not have Yuzu as well!! hahah... You must be thinking what a joker is this Honey Boy!!!  What I have is the Yuzu juice from the BOTTLE!!! Yes, I am the lazy one that go for something convenient and take short cut.....

Whatever it is, the cake turned out great! Be it lemon or Yuzu, bottled or fresh... I still love the cake. :)


Cream Cheese   100g
Castor Sugar   80g
Yolks   3
Veg Oil   15ml
Lemon Juice   15ml
Milk   45ml
Lemon Zest   1/2 tsp

Cake Flour   80g
Baking Powder 1/2 tsp

Egg white   5


1. Cream cheese in room temperature. Beat cheese in a mixing bowl till creamy, and add in 1/3 of the sugar and continue to beat till pale. Add in yolk one at a time, followed by oil, juice, milk and lemon zest. Mix till well combined.

2. Sift in flour and baking powder and mix well.

3. Beat egg whites till foamy then add in sugar in 2-3 additions. Beat till it form a soft peak.

4. Add 1/3 of the white to the cheese batter and blend well. Fold in the rest of the white carefully in 2 more additions till you get a smooth batter.

5. Pour batter into a 17cm chiffon tin and bake in pre heated oven 180'c for 25-30 minutes.

6. Invert the cake tin once it's out of the oven, let it cool completely before unmould the cake.


Jean said…
yah i wanted to comment on the same thing too! those holes...they are larger than usual! im sure the cake is ultra soft and soft pillows :)
Cosy Bake said…
ya Jean, I also don't know why it has got such big holes all over...
really have no idea what went wrong... But it's super soft!
Cakewhiz said…
Your chiffon cake looks delicious... soft and moist :)
CaThY said…
Looks very soft with those airy pockets :)
Cosy Bake said…
Thanks Cathy, Cakewhiz! It is very soft indeed.
Looks like the cake will just melt in the mouth ! Soooo tenderly soft !
Jean said…
hey it's still amazing how these holes "survive" the folding in and remain large and airy haha
Anonymous said…
I love the taste and aroma of yuzu too! but its so difficult to get yuzu baking products in Singapore.

Meidiya, also at Liang Court do have fresh yuzu when they are in season. But boy oh boy they are so pricey.

I bought some yuz powder back from a recent trip to Japan. Thanks for sharing this adaptation from Fukuda's lemon chiffon recipe. Great inspiration indeed!
j3ss kitch3n said…
the texture is really amazing! looks so cottony soft! yum!
Aimei said…
This cake looks really soft and light and doesn't seem to have cream cheese in it.. The combination of yuzu and cream cheese sounds divine..
Cosy Bake said…

Ya, I wonder how did the big pockets survive too!
Cosy Bake said…
Aimei Joyce, travellingfoodies,

Thanks, the cake is definitely as soft as it looks. Should give it a try. :)
hanushi said…
Yes yes, 福田涥子 recipes are always very reliable. :) The chiffon looks v soft. And I wish I can have a slice too.
AllDressedUp said…
Hi. Where did you get the bottled yuzu juice from?
Cosy Bake said…
Hi AlldresedUp,

I am so sorry it took me so so so... long to come back you. I have been out out blogging for a very long time.
in case you have not found the bottled Yuzu juice, it can be bought at Isetan supermarket or meidiya Liang Court . But, I'm sure you have already found... so sorry once again for missing in action.

November 11, 2015 at 4:14 PM

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