Passion Fruit Chiffon

A new cook book on chiffon cakes I bought recently have this fruity recipe. I thought it's be nice to make something refreshing and I always like the taste passion fruit. In the book it calls for a 17cm chiffon tin for this 4 egg recipe, however, through my experience, this volume always meant for more than a 17cm, so I used my 20cm tin.

The cake gives a very pretty yellow tone and tangy smell of passion fruit. I dropped some seeds in the batter while adding the juice, I did not pick it up as I thought passion fruit cake should have a little bits of seeds in there to tell people that it's PASSION FRUIT! But, we didn't quite like the bites of the seeds while eating the cake though.

The cake smells really good with the passion fruit and at some point I find it tastes a little like Orange chiffon! The texture is nothing like the Matcha Marble chiffon, but it's definitely a true blue chiffon cake. Good texture as a chiffon, and really have that lovely fruity taste.

Ingredients:  Use 20cm Chiffon tin

Egg Yolk   4
Sugar    20g
Corn oil   30ml
Passion Fruit puree   70g  ( I use fresh passion fruit juice)
Violet flour / Top Flour   80g

Egg White   4
Castor sugar    50g


1. Mix yolks, sugar together till sugar is dissolved, add in oil followed by passion fruit. Whisk till well combine. Sift in flour and mix to get a smooth batter.

2. Beat egg whites till foamy then slowly add in sugar and beat till stiff peak.

3. Mix 1/3 of the egg white to yellow batter, and fold in the mixture to the rest of the egg white. Fold in carefully till all well blended.

4. Pour batter into chiffon tin and bake at 180'c for 30 minutes.

5. Invert baked cake on wire rack and let it cool completely before removing the cake from tin.


it loook so tall, lovely, soft, fluffy and yummy! i can smell the refreshing fragrance of passion fruit! (:
CaThY said…
Your chiffon cake is so pretty! I have never tried using passion fruit in my bakes before. This looks so interesting :)
hanushi said…
I am drooling... Hahaha... :)
Jean said…
your chiffon cake looks so light, fluffy and airy! looks really delicious :)
DG said…
I love passion fruit, make me feel like having a bite right now :)
Quay Po Cooks said…
I have never tasted a passion fruit chiffon cake. Curious to find out how it taste. Your cake looks good.
Cosy Bake said…
Thanks for all the nice words... This is a light and soft cake. Pretty close to Orange Chiffon at some point. Worth giving it a try!! Hear from you gals again for feedbacks!!
Happy Flour said…
I love this! It's very soft and light.
Your passion fruit chiffon looks so light and fluffy that it will melt in the mouth ! I love passionfruit but I find it so difficult to find this fruit in normal supermarkets !
ann low said…
I love passion fruit too! Your passion fruit chiffon looks so nice and I think I can finish off the cake at least half in one go ;DD
Cosy Bake said…
Joyce, Anncoo,

Thanks. you are right, the cake was gone in one afternoon!

In singapore I can get this fruit almost every supermarket. and They are from Malaysia. They smell sooo good every time I past by the section where they are placed. MMmm.... :)

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