German Butter Cookies

                                        Some rocky ones and some smooth onces.......

A cookie that no one could resist, and almost every blogger had it in their blogs. This would be the simplest cookie of all I must say. Thanks for those who had shared this great recipe. I altered a little of the recipe to get a firmer cookie. However, hubby still think it'd be good if it's a little more 'Harder'. And I will not mind to bake them again till I get the right 'Standard' he likes. This is so light and buttery, that I could pop one after another. SINFUL!!


it look so nice! im sure you'll get it "right" (:
j3ss kitch3n said…
this is definitely a recipe keeper! one of my fav too! your pics makes me wana do it again!
CaThY said…
Beautiful cookies ;)

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