White Bread Made of Natural Yeast

A bread that I have been wanting to make since I've got my Natural Leaven from cuoca. As I know, bread made of natural yeast will always taste different from the normal bakers yeast. Natural yeast gives the woody aroma which the normal bakers yeast will never be able achieve. Besides the taste, it's better to have something natural. As for the texture, it's not much difference from the normal white loaves. Yes, it took me some times to make one simple loaf, but I will never say no nor feel reluctant to do it. Passion!!
I started doing the fermentation 3 days before I could make the dough. I anxiously waiting to see the bubble in the jar to form, then another anxious moment to wait for the dough to rise (took 4 hours for the first rise). How interesting! Just like seeing my baby grow everyday. But I wonder how many people would be keen to do such long waiting job, just for a loaf of white bread.


Kitchen Corner said…
Nicely baked bread! I wish I could get natural fresh yeast. I heard fresh yeast makes better bread.
Cosy Bake said…
Hi Kitchen Coner,

you may buy it online through cuoca.But it'd be quite costly....

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