Crispy Sweet Buttery Buns

I have been using natural fermentation method to make bread for past one week. This buns are made of another type of natural yeast (the one in green box)from Japan. However, it took a little longer to rise during the making process. But I never mind about it, as I always can leave the dough to rise over night in the fridge, and we can have freshly baked hot buns for breakfast.
This a basic bun recipe from one of my Japanese recipe books. It's named ' Koro koro pan' . Means crispy crusty bun. Instead of making it plain, I've made it into a sweet and buttery version. And the crispy skin is still there! My son had 3 at one go. Each bite is crispy and full of flavour! But I'm afraid we all might get bad throat after this irresistible bites!!
Ingredients for basic crispy rolls (make 6):
Bread Flour 150g
Yeast 3g ( I used my natural yeast)
Warm Water 75g
Salt 2g
Sugar 15g
Unsalted Butter 15g
Egg 15g
1. Mix everything to form a rough dough. Bring to work top and knead by hands till smooth and springy.
2. Cover the dough and let it rise till 2.5 the size. Punch out the air and divide them into 45g each and let them rest for 8 minutes. (cover the dough).
3. Roll each dough to a firm round/ ball shape, place them a baking sheet that lined and oiled with butter. Put the shaped dough in a warm place and let it prove for about 30 minutes till they become two times the size.
4. When the dough are well risen, dust the top with some flour to give it a snowy look, and bake them in pre heat oven for 12 minutes at 210'c. Cool the baked rolls on wire rack and serve!
* For other variations, simply wrap or top with the ingredients to the dough and decorate them the way you like.
*For this buttery version, I wrapped in cubes of butter and slit the top then sprinkle on some brown sugar, plus extra topping of butter.


Kitchen Corner said…
Nice crispy bun you've got there! Nothing can beat homemade freshly bake bread :)
Cosy Bake said…
You bet Kitchen Corner! After my hubby came back from outside, he was looking for the bun. But it was all eaten up by my boy.

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