Dong Gua Zhong (Winter Melon Pot)

Hubby requested for a Dong Gua Zhong few days ago. So I prepared one for today's dinner. Something that we can add in any ingredients to the melon and enjoy the soup straight from it. With our hot weather here, drinking the hot soup from the melon is pretty suffering. We were all 'drenched' during our dinner. How I wish it was raining..... However, we enjoyed the soup very much,despite the heat. :)
I cooked some chicken stock to fill in the melon pot, and added fish maw, sea cucumbers, mushrooms and scallops to the melon pot. Simple yet very filling! Double boiled the melon for two hours and it's done! Though this is not the restaurant standard or the traditional way of doing this melon pot, but who cares??!


Kitchen Corner said…
WOW!! You've put so much effort on making this soup! It must taste very very good one! The presentation is absolutely impress me! It's like having a 5 stars dinner.
Cosy Bake said…
No no... I won't dare to think it's a 5 stars dish. Just my own home version of dong gua zong. It suppose to have many more other ingredients in the soup which I did not add!! hahha... PLAY CHEAT!!!

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