Sweet Heart Boiled Egg

In Cantonese, they call boiled eggs that have runny yolk 'Tong Sum' - Candied heart. My family love runny yolks for breakfast eggs. It's smooth and easy to go with bread or toast. I like it with baked bean. It's so pretty if the yolk is in that beautiful orange colour. Just like the golden sun!
Any no. of Large fresh eggs (in room temperature)
Salt 2 tsp
1. Boil a pot of water enough to cover the number of eggs you wanna boil.
2. When the water comes up to boiling point,add in salt and put the egg/s in and let it boil for 5 and a half minutes on medium flame.
3. Scoop the eggs out and soak into cool water. Peel the eggs and serve with baked bean, stir fried mushroom...!
* Never use cold eggs from the fridge, you will not be able to achieve the right consistency of this 'Candied heart' .


Kitchen Corner said…
hehehe... I had something very similar breakfast like this one with a crispy ciabatta bread. Nice one!
Cosy Bake said…
Oh, I must search thru your blog n take a look!! hehe... :)

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