Kaya Layered Bun

This is suppose to be a strawberry jam bun. But I thought since I've made my own Kaya (coconut jam) I might as well make the buns using my kaya than the jam! The buns turned out very well, however, the taste of the kaya is not quite enough. I guess such bun shaping is not very suitable to hold kaya filling, compared to strawberry jam. The taste of Kaya is pretty mild to make it into such open bun, instead strawberry jam is a lot sharper to have a more distinctive taste to make this particular bun. So my next kaya bun shall go back the the normal round bun which can hold more kaya inside.


Kitchen Corner said…
Nice bread! It looks pretty sitting in the basket :)
Cosy Bake said…
Thanks! I wish I could find a bigger basket to place more bread in it.

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