Cherry Blossom Roll Cake

Another work of Sakura. Got this recipe from cuoca for Cherry Blossom season. Made it using mostly Japanese ingredients. Hubby just got back from Japan and he lugged back more goodies for my baking. I am so so glad!
This is a very simple cake to make. The only problem I faced was the cream for deco. With our hot weather, the cream couldn't 'Stay Still'! I have tried my best though. However, this cake is absolutely nice to eat. And I love the look of the cake too.


Kitchen Corner said…
The cake looks soft and fluffy. I must try out the swiss roll recipe. Cheers!
Cosy Bake said…
Yes, this recipe is good indeed. I beat up the egg and sugar by hands for the sponge. Pretty quick and easy to achieve ribbon stage. Looking forward to your post ya.
so sweet...u often go to Jap web site for recipes? U read Nihon...I suppose

Very sweetie cake!
Cosy Bake said…

Thanks. Glad you like my work. This is one of the few cakes/ recipes I got from Japanese website, not often though. But most of my recipe books are Japanese. Yes, i can read a little of Nihon. Not much, but enough to understnad the recipes and the results are all very good I must say.

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