Japanese 47% Fat Double Cream

This is the perfect cream for my cake frosting. It gives the body and volume , as well as the taste is simply fantastic!


Kitchen Corner said…
Hello, may I know where to get this 47% cream? Is it a diary cream or non diary cream?
Cosy Bake said…
Hi Kitchen Corner,

My hubby got it from Japan. But you may be able to order it from Meidi-ya. They used to sell in on the Japan Air flown section. But not anymore. HOwever, I did made an order with them before. You can try that.

This is a diary cream. I don't use non diary as it has lots of stabilizer and artificial taste added to give the cream a firm body after whipping.
I am amazed by the Japanese ingredients you used in your bakes.
I also love Jap stuff very much.

So envy....you have a pretty good supply of good ingredients.

I always buy this brand of fresh milk whenever I visit Japan. It is so rich, creamy and fragrant.

: )
Cosy Bake said…
Hi Irene,

I think the lucky fella is my hubby, not me!! haha.... he gets to go Japan often, but not me though.

In fact most of thier diary products are very high quality. The milk i normally buy those with 38% fat or more. That will give us the rich and creamy fragrant taste. Which we will not be able to get in Sg. Even the Morigana milk selling at Isetan and Meidi-ya also not as good. I quite like Meiji's milk. Or any brand that's from Hokkaido.

I'm pretty fussy when comes to food, especially pastries. So if I make cakes and bread myself, I will go for the REAL things. I'm sure you know what I mean?
Oh...just curious if your hubby bot in cartons? Not sure if the diary products can survive the 6 odd hours of flight time...

If so..next time, I shall buy too.

: )
Cosy Bake said…
Hi Irene,

No, they don't sell them in cartons. have to buy them in one small packet each. So everytime he's trip to Japan, I will get him to buy me 6 of them. HE will keep them in the chiller during the fight back to sg, so it's ok. Hope you will get to bring back what you like. When are you going? YOu travel very often?
Hi Honey Boy
Don't know when I am going to Japan...the yen is bit too x now lei...
How I wish I can go now.

: )

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