Basic Dough Making Steps

10. A nice soft simple white bread/ English bread is done!

9. Bread in the oven. I would cover the bread top with foil to prevent it from getting burnt.

8. The well risen dough in the tin should look like this. At least 80% high of the tin, if not higher.

7. Shape the dough and put in the bread tin for final proving. Again, must cover the dough.

6. After 15 minutes rest, dough would look like this.

5. I cover the dough with the mixing bowl inverted.

4. Let the air out of the dough, and portion it into 2, and shape them in balls. Let them have a rest for 15 minuted.

3. A beautiful well risen dough after an hour.

2. After a good 10 to 15 minutes of kneading by hands, the dough becomes smooth and springy. And it's ready to have the first rise for one hour. Must cover the dough to keep its moisture.

1. A wet and sticky dough just done my my standing Kitchenaid mixer.

Some questions been asked by some friends who tried to make their own bread by hands. And here I am posting some pictures for the steps of the progression of making a simple bread dough. Hope my friends they are able to get a clearer picture as to what they suppose to see during the bread making process. However, it's most welcome to post their comments here too. Happy baking!!


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