Sweet Potatoes with Black Sesame Chiffon

Small pieces of sweet potatoes housed in the pocket.

This is not something new on my blog. It's the purple sweet potato chiffon I have made before. This time round I just added some small pieces of Japanese sweet potatoes and black sesame seeds to make it more JAPANESE! However the taste is the same. I was hopping the colour of the cake might turn out to be more purple. But it didn't.


Anonymous said…
Ooohhhh...This looks SO GOOD!!!!!
Am drooling! Can I have a slice, please?

Cosy Bake said…
Yes sure!! YOu are most welcome BC!

Anonymous said…
Looks so light and fluffy.

I like the brown crust of your chiffon. Are you using a chiffon tin from Japan?

: )
Cosy Bake said…
Hi Irene,

Yes, the 17cm tin from Japan. Do you think it will make any different from those local ones?

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