Matcha KitKat

I was visiting HHB's latest blogging yesterday. She shared some of her Wasabi Kitkat and many of us were having some kind of discussions about all different types of Kitkat flavors. I was sharing this particular Green tea Kitkat that I was told only available at Japan airport. Even at their local supermarkets or candy shops are not possible to find! I have not much idea how true is it though. May be after I share this post, some friends here can bring back some during their holidays to Japan. This is something really additive if you are someone who likes green tea flavor. Even for a person like me who is not so much of a Kitkat eater, I still find it quite irresistible at times. These are the only two packets left from hubby's previous trip to Fukuoka. He tried his best to grab as many as he could. But only managed to bring back seven of them. When we were on our holidays to Tokyo during CNY, I brought back less than ten packets and I almost got the wrong flavor- Wasabi! ( was telling this to HHB) The look and the colour of the packaging was pretty close. I believe many of us may make the same mistake if we don't read the language.... This is just like what HHB explained on her post, it has the white chocolate taste with the combination of Matcha. Nice!!


Happy Homebaker said…
I will love to try this matcha flavour :)
omg, the most "unusual" versions of kitkat that we're able to find here are just dark chocolate and white chocolate kitkat bars :O XD
Cosy Bake said…

I'm sure you will get to try some soon, since your hubby always goes to Japan. ;)
Cosy Bake said…
Hi Serena,

Where are you from? If you happen to go Japan, you must not miss it! cheers!
Hi again :)
well it's very unlikely that i happen to go to Japan, but luckyly it's not impossible, bacause i'd really love to visit that country some day :)

You know, i live in Italy :) a bit far away from Japan :P but as i've already said, nothing is impossible if you really want it :)

if i go to Japan, i swear i'll definitely try matcha KitKat :D
hanushi said…
Heh... I also like to buy the unique flavour kit-kat and pocky when I went to japan for holidays. Very interesting and 'precious' since we don't get to see it anywhere else.
Anonymous said…
you guys are killing me. Now my mind kept thinking about the green tea kitkat. My son often tells me he would like to go there as an exchange student and if he does, definitely, he has to send me SOME :-)
Cosy Bake said…

YOu may want your son to send few big boxes of this!! I can tell you , you will never say 'No' to it! hahah......
Do update me when he comes back with some and how do you like it ok?!!

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