Yuzu Chiffon

I haven't been doing much for the blog lately. I guess my baking fairies needed a break and went for their holidays.... On top of that, I have been down with flu for almost a week. Never been so ill for a long time. However, I got a little better last night and I missed cake baking pretty badly. Remember seeing a post from Allie (Sweet and Love) on her Yuzu chiffon, she mentioned about Yuzu could sooth nasty throat.....

I like the mild citrus taste of Yuzu. It does have that healing power somehow for a person who is sick like me. Making it into a light chiffon, it's the best I could ever ask for at this down moment.

The recipe called for Yuzu peel, but I did not have any. So I skipped! Instead, I added a little more of the Yuzu juice from the bottle. The texture is superb, and the aroma of Yuzu is just right.


Egg yolk    3
Yuzu Tea   30g
Corn Oil    50ml
Water      45ml
Yuzu Juice   1tsp
Yuzu Peel   1/4 tsp
Top Flour    80g  ( I used Violet Flour)

Egg White     4
Sugar     60g


1. Mix yolks and Yuzu tea together, followed by oil, water, juice and Yuzu peel. Mix them all to a liquid batter then add in flour to make a thick batter.

2. Whisk egg white till foamy then add in sugar in 3 additions, and beat till firm.

3. Mix 1/3 of egg white to the yolk batter, then the remaining of the egg white mix in till everything are incorporated. Pour into a 17cm Chiffon tin and bake for 30 minutes at 180'c. Invert the cake tin after it's baked. Let the cake cool completely before unmould the cake.


hanushi said…
Hi Honeyboy,

Can I ask where did you get your 17cm chiffon pan? :)
Cosy Bake said…
I got it from onion huat dear.

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