River Cottage Summer's here - English Scones

Clotted Cream

Strawberry tasting, scones eating race, home made strawberry jam, kids dressed in strawberries... what a summer activities all the way in UK.

I always try to catch this programme (River Cottage Summer)on afc as often as I could. And I love last week's episode which I managed to find the BEST scones recipe from the episode! This is gonna be the scone recipe I will always use. Great texture, fantastic aroma and that classic look of the scones. So, after my all time favourite scones from Marks and Spencer in UK, this will be my latest love! Of course I will not mind if I can have both!!

Tried my very best to jot down the recipe while the programme was on. And I think I was quick enough to get hold of the full recipe. The only thing I didn't do right was the thickness of the scones. It should be 3.5cm after baking, and obviously mine are way too short...The smell of the buttery smell while baking was so irresistible...

Another best thing is, I managed to buy Devon clotted cream from Meidi-ya! Clotted cream ,strawberry jam , scones and tea!!


Hearty Bakes said…
Looks good with devon cream. Deli~
Cosy Bake said…
Hearty Bake,

it is really some thing out of the norm from what we can get from our local bakeries.

I will wanna make them again to achieve that standard hieght it suppose to be. :)

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