Whole Meal Flour Cookies

                                                   Nutty cookies with an extra bites of the whole meal bits...

Making cookies with kids has never really easy to me. But my son has been asking for it quite a while, so we decided to bake this whole meal flour cookies. He simply love the cut out job with some help. The end result made him feel so proud being able to make his own cookies.  Seeing him feel so good, I guess I should let him bake with me more often.  


Plain Flour   60g
Whole Meal flour (fine grain)  65g
Unsalted butter   60g
Castor sugar    50g
Pinch of salt
Egg 25g


1. Beat butter, egg, sugar and salt till light and fluffy.

2. Sift in both flour and mix to get a cookie dough. Wrap the dough and keep in the fridge for 1 hour.

3. Roll the dough out to 3mm thick, and use a cookie cutter to cut out the shape. Place on a baking sheet and bake for 10-15 minutes at 170'c.


CaThY said…
Oh yes, baking with your kid promotes bonding too~ nice cookies *^_^*
dailydelicious said…
I really like your cookie cutter, ^^ and the cookie looks good too.
Bakericious said…
using wholemeal flour sound more healthy and looks good too.
Cosy Bake said…
Cathy, Pook, Jess,

Thanks! It taste best when it's freshly baked!
Cosy Bake said…
Cathy, Pook, Jess,

Thanks! It taste best when it's freshly baked!
Quay Po Cooks said…
Using wholemeal flour sure is a better choice! Looks good and sure it tastes good too.
Cosy Bake said…
HI Quay Po Cooks,
Thanks for dropping by. I like your food blog very much!
I know what you mean when you talk about kids in the kitchen! A 10 mins job gets completed in 20 mins instead, and provided there's no additional mess created. BUT it's a good bonding time I enjoy spending with my kids.
Cosy Bake said…
Blessed Homemaker,

YOu are right about bonding... the mess is equally bad! he he...

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