Monday, May 3, 2010

Maxican Buns ( Roti Boy)

Oh, Roti Boy Roti Boy, Mexican Bun, Coffee Bun....!! There are so many names for the same type of bun. Though this is not the real Roti Boy. But it's consider quite close to one. I miss this addictive bun very very much! My hubby and son are oh-so in love with it. My son could eat two buns at one time. My hubby simply couldn't resist the coffee flavor topping. He and his cup of Italian coffee to go with.... ahww...!
I combined two recipes into one bun. The bread sponge, I got it from my Japanese books, the coffee topping was from one of the local baker's books. They both went so well. Since I know my son gonna love it, I used decaf instant coffee. I'm not sure if I use normal coffee would give it a better and stronger coffee taste.


Kitchen Corner said...

Your coffee buns is nicely done! I miss this very much. I've quite some time didn't bake this already. Looking at your buns I feel like craving now...

Honey boy said...

Kitchen Corner.

OH yes, these buns are just so addictive! Will make this very often. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi would you mind sharing your recipe? many thanks!


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