Matcha Castella

Cut into dainty slices.

Out of the frame. Still standing tall!

The top getting brown.

The cake looking good in the oven.

Well, who would mind eating this wonderful sponge again!! Made this Castella vanilla version couple of months back and made it again with Matcha powder added as well as Sakura for topping. All I needed to do was just sieve in 4g of Matcha to the flour and mix into the batter. This time I bake the cake in the traditional wooden frame, which it suppose to be.
Had great feed backs from hubby's colleagues. I'm so glad they liked it!


hanushi said…
where did you get the wooden frame?

Is it expensive? :)
Cosy Bake said…
Hi Hanushi,

Thanks for dropping by! I got the wooden frame from Phoon Huat. And it's not that expensive for such a good material. Think it's about $28 (Singapore Dollar). But they are always out of stock for this particular iterm. And this one was the last piece they left when I bought it. Do give them a call to see which branches still have the stock available. Hope you can get one soon! Cheers!
Kitchen Corner said…
WOW! You got a special mold for making this honey cake! The cake was nicely baked!
Bakericious said…
the cake looks delicious. I nvr see this wooden frame at phoon huat, next time will go check it out. thanks
Cosy Bake said…
Kitchen Corner, Bakericious,

This is something that's not often used in Singapore baking. But for Japanese, this is the right mold to bake this Castella. I almost lug one back all the way from Tokyo couple years ago.... So glad Phoon Huat is selling it.

Yes, this cake is very very nice to eat I must say. It's so so soft and light that can eat many slices at one time.
Happy Flour said…
This cake look very yummy. :)
I intended to get one but they don't have one size smaller. After seeing your Castella cake, I'm thinking of getting one already.
Cosy Bake said…
HAppy FLour,

Oh, I dont'think there's one size smaller though. Because those I have seen in Japan are also this size if not bigger!! And also I seen many castella cake recipes are for quite big cakes.... It's not that big after all. Cause I"m sure all your family and friends will not mind helping you to eat the cake!!!
I'm not a bread person but i LOVE castella, and urs look so good!!!
Cosy Bake said…
Thanks Mr.Pineapple man! WIsh can share some with you though. :)
hanushi said…
Thanks a lot! :)
Jasmine said…
Do you just line the frame with parchment then pour the batter in? I just got the wooden frame and would love to use it.

Cosy Bake said…
Hi JAsmine,

Yes, I line the frame with parchment around the sides then pour the batter in and bake.

Do let me know how you like the cake ya! Happy baking, Cheers!!

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