Berry Berry Berry Muffins

Went to NTUC Finest couple of days ago. Saw there are many nice and fresh berries on the shelves. So I though I'd make something Berry! After we got home, settle with our lunch..... I started to flip through my recipe books. Slowly the idea of muffins came to me. So I picked this!
Berries are very healthy compared to things like chocolate, coconut, peanut butter and nuts. Of course, I know there are many people out there prefer chocolate, nuts.... Whatever it is, I gave it a try. The result of the muffins were really good. Light and fluffy muffins I got. Unlike the usual ones I often encounter. They are dense, heavy and oily!! Worse of all, they are heavily added with baking powder and soda! Each time after I ate one, my mouth would have that after taste and felt really YUCK! So I though it'd be good if I can bake my own muffin that has got nothing or less of those sort that added to my food.
Besides using berries, we can always change to other flavor. In this recipe it has a little touch of cinnamon powder in it. I guess it's a really great match for the berries. The cinnamon simply add on some sweet smell and taste to the muffins. My next one should be banana muffin I guess!
Cake Flour 100g
Baking Powder 1tsp
Cinnamon Powder 1/2 tsp
Castor Sugar 70g
Egg 1
Unsalted Butter 60g ( melted)
Milk 1.5 Tbsp
Berries 100g ( I used blackberry, blueberry and raspberry)
1. With a hand whisk, beat egg and sugar till pale and sugar dissolved.
2. Add in melted butter to and mix well. Followed by milk.
3. Sieve in flour , baking powder and cinnamon flour to the batter and give it a quick mix. Do not over mix the batter. It's OK to have lumps. add in berries to the batter and mix.
4. Scoop batter into 6 muffin tray/ cups. Bake it at 180'c for 25 minutes.
5. Cool the muffins on wire rack after baking.


I have a really good blueberry muffin recipe but I'm tempted to try your recipe for comparison. Will keep you posted if I do make it one day.
Cosy Bake said…

Oh yes please!! I'm no muffin person all along. But this is the one that I am happy with.

Looking forward to your muffins post!
Me too, I used to dislike muffins as they are so coarse and dry as compared to cupcakes. But ever since I found a few good muffin recipes, I've been baking them often, great for breakfast!
Stephanie said…
this muffin recipes is a KEEPER! i love it so much that i'm going to bake a second batch :D thanks a lot for sharing!
Cosy Bake said…
Hi Steph,
I'm so glad you liked it so much.This is really one great recipe!!
hanushi said…
Hi Honeyboy,

I just did these berry muffins today.

I must say,
1) I am usually not a muffin person, cos of the oily feeling.
2) Also, I am usually not a cinnamon person, hence i always avoid mac apple pie.

But these berry muffins win me over. They are soft and light and great!!! (Pardon my limited vocabulary)

I can understand now why you like it so much. Thanks for introducing and sharing this muffin recipe!
Cosy Bake said…
Yeah hanushi! Really glad you liked this recipe. See, I really mean what I meant!! haha... good good, you made the right choice! I am feeling so proud! Thanks! he he...
hanushi said…
Hi Honeyboy,

Indeed and the muffins are snapped up within a few hrs by my family. Heh, this will be my fav muffin recipe from now on too!

Smile smile!
Cosy Bake said…

Five five five!!!
ken bakes said…
Hi may I know for the banana muffins, which you mentioned its recipe taken from the berries, you leave out the cinnamon only? The Banana muffins just look great and scream "Must try".
Cosy Bake said…
hi Ken,

i left the cinnamon powder out when making the banana muffins. Yes, I am sure you will like the muffin in awny flavour!

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