Pumpkin Bun

Saw some nice and orange Japanese pumpkins at Finest supermarket. So the thought of making this pumpkin bun came to my mind. I like the look of it, that look a mini pumpkin, and my son said it looks like daisy flower!
The recipe of the bun is the same as my cinnamon roll. In the book, it uses white bean to mix with pumpkin to make the filling. But I have yet to find white bean in Singapore. I guess, it'd be easier to find in Japan. Instead of the white bean, I used Japanese sweet potato to mix with the pumpkin. The finishing, I just brush the bun with egg wash and decorate with pumpkin seeds. It's so typically Japanese bun this is. My son liked it, and keep asking for more. I wonder is it the shape of the bun that he's attracted??
Pumpkin Filling:
Japanese Pumpkin 120g
Japanese Sweet Potato 60g
Rum 1/2 tsp
1. Steam both pumpkin and sweet potato till soft and mash them up to get the paste like texture. Add in rum and mix well. You may add in some sugar if you like it sweeter.
2. Let the pumpkin paste cool and keep in the fridge if not using immediately.
* To shape the buns:
Wrap the filling in each 45g dough, and seal up the seam. Use a scissors to cut 5 cuts to get that openings of the sides. When it rises up to double the size, bake the buns in per-heat oven for 12 minutes at 210'c. Cool the buns on wire rack after baking.


Monica said…
Complimenti per le tue meravigliose ricette !
Cosy Bake said…

Thanks for dropping by. Hope you like my bakes!! :) Cheers!

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