Melon Pan

Ever since I got the recipe for the new water roux method to make soft sweet buns, I have been thinking of all different kinds of buns to make. Obviously they are mostly the Japanese buns. Melon Pan is something very similar to our Chinese Polo Bao. But melon pan is more subtle compared to the Polo Bun. Many people like it because of its crispy cookie topping I guess? The same thing that these two different types of buns are, they have nothing to do with the name given to them. Melon Pan; there's no melon in it! Polo (pineapple) bun; there's no pineapple in the bun!! Just the look that they look like the fruits, that's why they are called melon and Polo buns. How cute!
Ingredients for Cookie Top:
Unsalted Butter 56g
Sugar 112g
Egg 60g
Flour 214g
Vanilla 1/2 tsp
Lemon Rind 1/2 Lemon
1. Beat butter and sugar till pale. Add in egg bit by bit and mix them will light.
2. Add in vanilla and lemon rind and mix well. Sieve in flour and make it to a cookie dough.
3. Wrap the dough with plastic and keep in the fridge for at least one hour before use.
4. After the bread dough is shaped to ball shape. Roll the cookie dough to 30g each, flatten cookie dough and place over the shape bread dough and use a scraper to give it a light cut to make the melon skin effect.
5. Dip the cookie top with some sugar and place the dough on a baking tray and let them have the last proving. Takes about 50 minutes.
6. Bake the buns in pre heat oven at 200'c for 12 minutes .
7. Cool the baked buns on wire rack.


sokeleng said…
I like melon pan a lot. Last week I make a mocha flavoured melon bun by using this recipe. The cookie dough is just nice not too soft and not too crispy. I used <a href="”> icing bags </a> to pipe the cookie dough onto the bun, therefore the bun is well covered with the icing. Did you use bread stamp to decorate the bun?
Cosy Bake said…
Hi sokeleng,

Glad you like the recipe. I use knife to cut the lines to make the topping design.

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