Beef Stew

I have been cooking this dish for my family almost every few weeks. It's a very nice one pot dish for a simple and quick meal. It can go with either pasta or rice. The gravy is really rich and full of flavor. The sweetness of the dish comes from all the nice vegetable that used to cook as the base of the gravy. On top of that, the chicken stock or beef stock is also playing an important roll for this flavourful dish. I will not compromise this dish using other part of the cow besides the brisket or the ox tail. It will not be the same if using other parts like shin and cubes, though they are meant for stewing too. Many of my friends and relatives simply love this dish. Who wouldn't??


Anonymous said…
HI,love to try tis stew recipes would u mind to share,,,n =kindli email

Would like to try this. Can i have the recipe please?

Cosy Bake said…
hi Papacheong,

I do not have proper recipe for this dish. It's a simple basic stew dish that called for celery, carrots, onion for the base of the dish. Then follwed by thyme and bay leaves. YOu will need beef brisket or ox tail for this. Fill the pot with beef stock and slowly cook it till it's soft and tender. season the dish with salt and pepper. Hope this help. :)

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