Vanilla Extract and Coffee Extract

These are the most wonderful things you can get in life!!! Simply the beast!


I dislike artificial vanilla essense and I've been wanting to get some pure vanilla extract but never get a chance to go to town :-(
Cosy Bake said…
Hey Dear,

YOu may organize a bulk purchase through internet to buy it. It's stil cheaper than getting it in Singapore.
Did you get them through BPs? I used to organise BPs but not anymore now, hardly anytime to coordinate as it's so time-consuming!
Cosy Bake said…

all the extracts that I have now are from States. Cause my hubby and cousin went there, so they bought then for me. YEs, I know PB is very time consumeing. I'm not really good with that too. I"m an idiot for online shopping in fact. I only managed to shop online once through the Cuoca website, and it cost so much to ship the stuff from Japan!! so after that time, I 'scared 'of it already!

Hey, if you need the vanilla extract, I can help you to buy if my hubby or cousin has their working trip to the US. Let me know ya. cheers!
Dear Honey Boy,
these extract can be bought from Phoon Huat and I love the vanilla flavour a lot ^_^

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