English Scones

Isn't that look so pretty when sandwich with cream and strawberry jam?

I like this ' Smiling ' result.

Added some raisin to the scones.

Finally I found the right recipe for this English scones. Right texture, not too dry, taste great and smell really good! Been testing out four different recipes till I came to this. Scones is one of the easiest pastry to make you can find among the others. It's always very comforting to eat scones especially during tea time. I love to sandwich it with rich double cream or clotted cream and strawberry jam. The combinations are just too hard to resist! Yes, I know it's also a sin full combination. But lives are short......

Made some for my son's teacher , who happen to love scones. So pleased to know she and her family enjoyed. However, I can never make the same scones as those selling in UK Marks & Spencer. They are so soft and the taste is something I could never forget and it seems to stay with me every time I think about it! As if I am tasting it.... My hubby will never fail to bring some back for me whenever he goes there.



Flour 230g

Baking Powder 1 2/3 tsp

Salt 2g

Sugar 45g

Unsalted Butter 50g

Egg + Milk 120g



1. Flour, salt and sugar sifted in a mixing bowl.

2. Rub butter in with flour mixture till bread crumb texture.

3. Slowly add in egg and milk mixture and form a soft dough. Do not mix the dough too hard.

4. Bring dough on work top , and roll to 2cm thick, use a ring cutter and cut out 7 scones and place them on baking tray lined with parchment paper.

5. Bake the scones at 220' c for 12-15 minutes. You brush some egg wash before baking.

6. Cool the baked scones on wire rack, or may eat them while they are warm.


Cosy Bake said…

I had problem with moderating comments, hence your comment on this scone recipe couldn't be displayed.

About the flour, you can use cake flour. I used norma plain flour in this recipe. Hope you will enjoy the scones! Now can get clotted cream from UK at Meidi-ya! What a great news isn't it? I have just bought a jar... Will make some scones soon. ;) do let me now how well you like it ok?
hanushi said…
I am quite newbie when it comes to baking, so thanks for your patience.

Hence, really thanks for clarifying as well as recommending where to get the clotted cream.

Yup, will let you know once I try out the recipe. :) but you will hv to wait a while... haha...
Anonymous said…
I couldnt get to a soft dough, it turned out like a muffin batter consistency. Not sure if it's because the milk was still cold when i added it in, or if my breadcrumb consistency is not correct. What might I have done wrong?
Cosy Bake said…

I suspect you may have over handle with the dough while mixing the milk in. Try using the scraper to mix/cut the ingredients to get that breadcrumb consistency? What yoiu want is a partial dry and wet dough. It's ok if you think it's not 'well blended'. I also used cold milk. So, don't think it's the cold milk's fault.

Do let me know how your next try ok? Hear from you soon. Happy BAking!!

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