Hong Kong Sweet Bread

Past few days had been rather lazy and ran out of idea , as to what to bake. So I went through some food blogs and came to this Hong Kong Sweet Bread. Very straight forward, and nice to eat while it's freshly baked on the same day. However, this bread can't stay soft till the next day. It becomes pretty heavy and lost the cottony texture. Think it's got to do with the cream and milk used to the dough, that gives the softness when it's freshly baked, yet won't last till the next morning. Or rather I need to polish my bread baking skill further to get the perfect result maintain.... But if you heat the bread warm in a microwave oven, you'll get the softness back again.


ewe said…
hey , very nice bread you make , how do u style the bread up , i like the swril look .
Cosy Bake said…
Hi ewe, thanks for dropping by my blog! :)

For the swril looking bun, I just roll the dough like a swiss roll, then cut it into 2. Then sit the flat side down on a round cake tin.

Hope this hslp! Do drop me more comments ya?! Thanks.
ewe said…
thank you so much , very inovative of u ...great to have yu around..
Cosy Bake said…
YOu are most welcome!! See you around!! Cheers!

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