My Latest Galore

You can make a cookie that greets, for different occasions.

This is the cookie set I have been looking for. Though it's again the American Big idea - Gigantic Cookies size. But I'm sure I can make something 'normal' out of the set!

Woo.. look at this giant cookie! A set of cake pans that could make a gigantic cookie and cream cake! The American really has the BIG IDEA! Cinnamon toast sugar- Great for making Cinnamon roll I suppose? Wanted to get maple sugar, but couldn't find any. So my clever hubby got me this instead!

Been wanting to get a waffle maker since long time a go. I guess this waffle pan is a better tool for what I wanted, and it's slim for easy storage.

One of the standard item my hubby would get for me every time he goes to States - Martha's magazine! (Though we can get it in Singapore..)

My hubby just got back from his trip to San Francisco. One of the places that I always miss - The Shopping!!!! William Sonoma's is a must place to shop. I would fill up the suit case with all this baking and cooking stuff from there. Since I couldn't enjoy the shopping personally, My hubby did a good job too! I got everything I wanted. But my poor hubby lugged all the heavy stuff all the way...
I am very very happy when saw the galore from the shopping list I gave him....


Wei.Money said…
I miss SF too! Was leaving there for almost 2 yrs before we moved down to ATL. Loved Williams Sonama & Martha Stewart mags as well. Never knew you were so into baking :-) good for you!! They all looked so delicious, hope I will to taste it someday. I can understand how you will miss the shopping here, everything is so accessible & plentiful. I think the shopping is one of the reason that makes living so far apart from my family & friends bearable ;-D haa haa
Cosy Bake said…
Yes Wei,
you are oh so right!!! shopping in US is far more interesting than Singapore. I can get anything I need... How I wish I could be like you one day, living in places like US or UK. he he he.... Wish i can visit you in the US, and bring along some of my passion to you.


You are one lucky woman :) Have fun with your new toys!
Cosy Bake said…
Yes, Blessed Homemaker, I'm looking forword to start playing with them... But lately Have been feeling not too well, hence not in very good mood...

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