Sacré-Coeur .... It's London Next.

On our way up to Sacré Coeur , the white church up on the hill... It was quite a good walk from the metro station to the hill before we could see the church. Along the way, there were lots of interesting stuff to see and absolutely love the experience. It was a Sunday, and you can imagine the crowd there made up the atmosphere. A lovely place that you would wanna visit again. 


                                                          Eating places everywhere.


                                                                   A shop all about biscuits

       French Crepes


Here we are - Sacré Coeur

Moulin Rouge is just down the hill and right next to Blanche ( line 2) Metro station.


Free taste of flora tea at Hediard

Walking through the lanes at Madeleine area, attracted by the pair of linen dolls in front of a florist. How cute! Not far from the florist, where Hermés main shop is. A friend of mine was so lucky to get one of her wish lists there, Lucky girl!! 

Laduree again........

Salmon and red currants salad.

                                   Wild mushrooms and cheese omelet, big thumbs up!!

                                  Their strawberry Mille-fuille, far from my expectation.

    I have yet to see a day, Laduree has no queue. It'd be a lucky day for customers if the queue doesn't form all the way outside the door!

Next Stop - London.

We passed by Hyde Park on the cab during the journey to our apartment........

                                                       A music college........... 



hanushi said…
The place looks nice and beautiful! :)
Anonymous said…
Thank u for the beautiful and interesting places of Paris and London. I especially love looking at the delicious and beautifully decorated Laduree cakes and pastries.Lucky you. Theresa
Cosy Bake said…
Hanushi, how are you doing? Wish you are recovering well. Yes, beautiful places and really miss the place a lot.


You are most welcome, happy to know my reader enjoy my posts and hope the simple information I provided are useful to you.

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