Natural Fermentation Country Boule Bread

Bought the book by 孟老师,100道面包few months ago. There are so many types of bread to learn and try out. Till I saw this country boule bread, that I think it's should be the first one I should go for. At the same time, I wanted to see if the natural yeast is going to churn out a good loaf, by following the guideline of Hoshino Natural Leaven packet. After a day of waiting, the yeast was fermented, I spent almost one whole day to see the soft and smooth dough rise prettily!

  Amazingly soft crumbs made from natural yeast, is definitely worth the time and effort. But, there was a slight flop that the bread wasn't as tasty as expected. I think my next try will have to add a little bit more salt to bring out the taste. The crumb was so smooth and soft. And could taste the real wheat in it.

A: Bread flour  300g
    water 170g
    Sugar  10g
   Salt  1/2 tsp
   Dry yeast 1 1/4tsp ( I used 15g natural leaven)
   Lemon juice  1/2 tsp

B: Bread flour  100g
    Sugar  10g
    Water  60g

C:  Unsalted Butter  15g
     Bread flour  50g ( for shaping use)


1. Mix A's in low speed with your stand mixer/ by hands. Cover and leave it to ferment for 3 hours.

2. Mix A and B together using low speed to knead till everything incorporated well, continue to knead till smooth, slowly add in butter and step up to medium speed. Let the machine do the kneading job,till you get a smooth and elastic dough.

3. Dust hands with some flour, and shape the dough to a ball shape, then let it rest for 1 hour , covered with cling film.

4. Bring the dough out, and dust it with flour, and reshape it to a ball or a loaf and place it in the loaf tin let it have the final rise for about 40 minutes.  Slit the dough top with a cross and let it continue to rise for another 20 minutes.

5. Bake in a pre heated oven at 190'c for 35 minutes. Cool the bread on wire rack after baking.


Your loaf look soft and moist, it is good to use natural yeast.
Kimmy said…
Bread looks so soft and crusty. Gonna try this but I don't have natural yeast.
Cosy Bake said…

You may make your own natural yeast at home.

Thanks Sonia.

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