Paris 2012 III

Yes, a must to visit has to be the Eiffel tower if anyone goes to Paris ( no matter how many times you have been there). At the same time, if you happen to have a young child, there is a place to go, which is the Paris Aquarium. It's just a few minutes walk from Bir-Hakeim metro station. You won't miss it, as they have a sign board to guide the way there. 

                                                     La Duree along Champs- Elysées  

  Leon is a restaurant from Brussels
where they are famous of their mussels. My favourite is white wine cream sauce, which white wine marry the mussels very well.
 A red wine beef stew for my boy thinking he wouldn't like the mussels, but we were wrong...

At Sentier Metro station, there is a walking street where we can find many restaurants and bakeries as well as food markets. Eric Kayser, Paul, Maison Collet......

A bakery selling organic bread.                                                               Stohrer Patisserie

      We lunch at this local restaurant serving typical western dishes with a light touch of American taste.

As we walk to the end of the walking street, I came to rue Montmatre, where Mora and a.simon are. They both are bakers and cooks' heaven, after E. Dehillerin. They have all the tools and things we need, also things that we have not seen before. I managed to find some of the decorating and baking molds from Mora. Wish I had more time in there, and more suit case space...... Mora they have lunch break hours. So please check before you go to avoid disappointment.
As I walk towards Le Halles Metro station, I came to E.Dehillerin, AND...... yes, you guess it right!! How not to!!

While I was indulging myself in the bake ware shops, hubby and my son sat down to have their early dinner, as he couldn't resist the menu...

I absolutely love this prawns salad. 

                                                 Three little piggies to go with coffee.

I went all the way to rue Monge, where Eric Kayser's very first bakery is located.........

                  ..... just few shops away, there is another Eric Kayser. What a success!

I was hoping to have a try Pierre Herme's  croissant Ispahan , this trip, however, I didn't get to as I was late!! How disappointed! So, I ended up with his macaroons, how could I leave the shop without them?! And not all Pierre Herme shops has croissant Ispahan though, if you wanna have a try, go to the main shop and Saint Germain and this one at Pasteur Metro station, 185 rue de Vangirard.

Bastille Market

This has to be one of the biggest markets in Paris, where we can find everything under the sun. They have the freshest meat, seafood and many other produce where selling at a very low price. I could see many locals shop for their daily needs and even meals! It was so crowded, that I had to squeeze through lane by lane. 

                                                  I was told these are the baby asparagus.

                                                     Children educational materials and toys

Lunch nearby Bastille market, with my French onion soup and vegetarian lasagna. 


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