Putu Ayu

Here I am joining this month's Aspiring Bakers#12 Traditional Kuih (Oct 2011) hosted by Small Small Baker.

The sweet fragrance of Pandan and coconut milk infused in a soft and light steam sponge top with fresh coconut rind. I am not quite a kuih maker, as I always find it's very challenging to achieve a good results. There are so many kuihs in my mind I'd like to try making and yet I put them on hold, till don't know one day I have right energy to go ahead! To me making kuih is some much depend on mood. I got this recipe from a book that teaches all about kuihs. I had a first trial before I managed to make this right, as I was going through the recipe, I did realize the ratio is not quite 'Workable', however, being first time making it, I followed through. And......, it didn't turn out well! So I gave it another try by adjusted the recipe hoping it'd work better. 

Original recipe as below, if anyone of you manage to make it right, please do let me know!!


3 Eggs
300g Sugar  ( I used 240g)
300g  Plain flour (I used 260g)
300ml Coconut milk ( 160g)
100ml  Pandan leaf juice 
150g coconut rind
1 tbsp  Tapioca flour
Dash of salt


1.Beat eggs and sugar till creamy and fluffy. In order, add plain flour, coconut milk, and pandan juice. Mix well.

2. Mix coconut rind, tapioca flour and salt together. Place into the base of mold and compress tight. Pour the batter in till full. Place onto steaming tray.

3. Bring water in the steamer ti boil. Place the molds in and steam for 15 minutes. Cool the kuih on wire rack.


Happy Flour said…
Very pretty and neat kuih.
ann low said…
I made this before but I didn't know this is called Putu Ayu just name it mini chiffon cake :DD
Cosy Bake said…
Thanks Happy Flour!


Now you tak about it, it does look like mini chiffon! However, I wish the molds do come in metal or aluminum material instead of plastic.
Anonymous said…
As usual, your kueh and cakes are always so beautiful and so creative. Have just came back from 1 month holiday touring around USA with my elder children who came from Singapore to visit me. Theresa
Cosy Bake said…

Hey, that is nice to learn you and your family are having great time together!! Hope they broughtn You lots of goodies from Singapore!

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