Home Made Ten Don

   Our favourite one dish meal - Ten Don. Of course the preparation was hot, messy, oily.... but I think making it at home worth the effort and we could enjoy to the fullest when we could  have more than 2 shrimps, 2 slices of sweet pumpkin..... and for me, the most important part of this dish is the SAUCE. Why?? because I have yet to convince myself to accept using the dipping sauce as the Ten Don bowl gravy. Ten Don sauce suppose to be thick and little sweet, which it needs a long time boiling to reach the right taste and consistency. So far the only place I have had it, is at the cake shop/ cafe - Tampopo at the basement of Liang court. Where they sell the Ten Don in take away boxes. As for me, I have not reach the level of cooking my own Ten Don sauce, even though I have the recipe. But the good news is, we can buy this sauce off the shelf!!! Where?? It's available at Meidi-ya supermarket. I must tell you, I was thrilled to see the sauce selling in  bottle form and it's so convenient! Best of all, I it's available in Singapore!!!! The taste is great, and love the thick consistency. Now I have more reasons to cook Ten Don at home without paying so much to enjoy more shrimps in each bowl of our Ten Don!

After so much about the sauce, I will definitely to share the picture, since it is sooo good!!

                             For those who are ready to try this out, happy cooking and happy eating!!!!


Edith said…
mmmm this is one of my favourite Jap food.

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