Anpanman Buns

                                                                    Say RED BEAN!!!!

The 'Goodies'in the monthly magazine pack really hard to resist, and it's really fun to have them when the kids could fix up the interesting paper toys! Through all these fun goodies, my boy learn through play. What a fun! Indeed the ideas of the goodies packed with the magazine really drive the kids to learn without them knowing. How smart!!!

Very cute little buns that would win most children's hearts. Though it's a Japanese red bean bun, but my boy didn't quite like the red bean paste in the bun. ( of course he was attracted by the cute looking Anpanman face) And he 'Ordered' another round of Anpanman that's with cheese filled in it instead of red bean. So I guess we got to call it Cheeseman pan!


hanushi said…
This is really kawaii and look like the real thing! :) Well done, honeyboy.
Anonymous said…
Wow!!Your buns look so cute and yummy!!!
Anonymous said…
Hi Honey Boy
The mag is so cute. Where to buy that?
Cosy Bake said…

I got them from Kinokuniya.

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